Escape Adulthood League
Escape Adulthood League

Welcome to the Escape Adulthood League!

We’re a merry band of Adultitis Fighters creating lives filled with adventure, meaning, and joy.

About Us

Kim and Jason Kotecki are best friends, husband and wife, parents, entrepreneurs, authors, retro t-shirt wearers, and partners in crime on a crusade to annihilate Adultitis in ourselves and the world! Kim is a former kindergarten teacher and noodle junkie. Jason is an artist, professional speaker, and cereal aficionado. We homeschool our three weird kids and live in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where we eat way too many cheese curds.

We created this community because it’s hard to defeat Adultitis alone and there is power in numbers. In community we can borrow courage, affirmation, and inspiration from one another. We wanted to connect like-minded people who are eager to escape the cynical, joyless, unadventurous version of adulthood that's typical of most modern lives. You know, the one with all the stupid rules, that insists we always play it safe and take ourselves way too seriously.

Why You Should Join Us

  1. Meet and connect with other people just like you who are eager to give Adultitis a swift kick to the shins.

  2. Be part of a vibrant, positive, and encouraging community that serves as a respite from the noise and negativity that dominates our world today. 

  3. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas for fighting Adultitis and creating a life with less stress and more fun.

  4. Get access to exclusive content and experiences you can't get anywhere else.

  5. Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and valuable perspective each and every day.

As a member of the Escape Adulthood League, you'll also get an exclusive discount to the Lemonade Stand, access to the Adultitis Fighter Arsenal (a secret cache of downloadable resources), and receive the Escape Adulthood Insider (a weekly dispatch with an inspiring message from Jason and highlights of the conversations happening between members!)

Don't think of this as another social media platform you have to keep up with. Rather, consider this an escape and a safe haven from the clutter, noise, and negativity you're bombarded with every day. Adultitis is a worthy foe; this is a place to find solace and gain the strength needed to fight it. And win.